European Sports Forum

Welcome to the EUSF!

We are the official European sports forum since 2018 and we created this experience before the Sofia forum 22-23 March of 2018.

We are working with many of the biggest questions in European sports politics, betting regulations and much more.

So how exactly can we help you here at the European Sports Forum?

What we do is that we can negotiate between you and your sports organization.

You can also download our programme here to help you understand better exactly how we can assist you in helping you get a better position dealing with the sports organization that you are currently working with.

Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is to be the number one sports forum in the world and handling the negotiations for all players in major competitive leagues.

Company Information

We are based in Sofia Bulgaria and we are welcoming anyone to apply for roles with us to help us achieve the next big things in sport events going forward.